Year 9

For the topics and guidance for your revision, look at the information for each subject:

IT GCSE (ICT) - Controlled assignment brief (music festival)

During this assessment week pupil will complete part of their controlled assessment. In preparation pupils should practise creating videos in Movie Maker.

IT GCSE (Computing) programming

For this assessment pupils will be required to use the following functions in Python:

  • Print() function
  • Input() function
  • Variables
  • Strings
  • INT
  • FLOA
  • Concatenation

Drama - Stanislavski

What should you revise?

You should make sure you know The System and be able to explain what each element means, for example emotional memory etc. You should make sure your practical piece shows evidence of you using the System to make it as naturalistic as possible.

How should you revise?

Read over the Stanislavski work sheet given out by your teacher and get someone to test you on it. Arrange at least one after-school rehearsal with your teacher to get some feedback before your assessment.


What you should revise

  • Rhythm and Metre (rhythmic notation, dotted rhythms, syncopation, off/on beat, polyrhythm, drum fills, time signatures including regular, irregular and free)
  • Texture and Melody (conjunct/disjunct, imitative, sequences, ornamentation, articulation, unison texture, monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, melody with accompaniment, layered texture)
  • Timbre and Dynamics (instruments including from around the world, dynamics PP-FF, crescendo and diminuendo).

Pupils will also be marked on a solo performance so will need to continue to practice their instrument regularly.

How you should revise

You will be given revision worksheet and resources are available on Show My Homework.



  • Polygamy/ polyandry/ monogamy
  • Arranged marriages – advantages and disadvantages
  • Patriarchal and matriarchal societies.


  • Culture/ characteristics
  • Subcultures/ history of subcultures, e.g. teddy boys, goths etc
  • Stereotypes/ rebellion
  • Influence of media.

History - Hitler's foreign policy and the origins of World War Two

What should you revise?

  • All the content of this GCSE Unit 1 topic.
  • How did Hitler challenge and exploit the Treaty of Versailles from 1933 to March 1938? (Learn CRAMCUP)
  • Why did Chamberlain's policy of appeasement fail to prevent the outbreak of war in 1939? (Learn all the arguments for and against appeasement)

How should you revise?

You have been provided with a thorough revision guide containing all of the necessary content. Use this to test your knowledge and recall of all the main features of this topic. This will also be made available to you on Show My Homework.

A past paper exam will also be made available to you via Show My Homework so that you can familiarise yourself with the layout and style of the questions.


What do you need to revise?

  • Of Mice and Men – plot, characters and themes
  • Unseen poetry.

How can you revise?

Art - drawing assessment

What you should revise

The assessment will be a standardised drawing of brushes in a paint pot with cello-tape. This will assess: shape, composition form and tone. Students can prepare for this by drawing still life objects which have strong ellipse shapes such as coke cans and tins

How you should revise

Homeworks leading up to this will focus on this. Resources are on Show My Homework.


What you should revise

Magazine terminology.

How you should revise

Look at range of magazine contents pages and double page spreads. Students need to be able to design their own layout in lesson.

Geography - tourism

What should you revise?

Students will be expected to revise the following:

  • Reasons for the growth in tourism
  • Types of tourism cities, mountains, coasts
  • Economic importance of tourism
  • Tourism life cycle (Blackpool – Butlers Model)
  • Economic, social and environmental impacts of mass tourism (Kenya)

How you should revise

  • A revision guide will be provided by your teacher
  • Use of exercise book
  • BBC Bitesize - Tourism.

Food Technology - filo pastry practical

What should you revise?

For your assessment you will be required to independently create a food product using filo pastry. You will be assessed on your organisational skills through sourcing your own recipe along with effectively managing your time throughout the assessment.

How you should revise

You will be given the opportunity to research appropriate filo pastry food products in class along with a discussion with your teacher on your selection. Conduct some independent research into appropriate food products along with the different cooking skills that such food products will involve.



Leading a small cohort in three phase warm up. Performs one event with good level of technique and performance, or performs two events with moderate levels of technique and performance.


  • Batting: uses correct technique in defensive and attacking shots.
  • Bowling: uses correct technique in bowling action, with appropriate control of line and length
  • Fielding: able to anticipate and adjust position according to pace of ball. Shows consistent catching ability and accurate return to wicketkeeper.


  • Stance and guard: base aided by rear foot being off-set and feet pointing in the same and correct direction.
  • Footwork: able to attack and retreat maintaining balanced base and guard.
  • Attack: able to use the lead hand to attack and defend.
  • Defence: able to defend using arms, trunk and feet on the move.


What you should revise

Bible, Creed, Pope, Mary and pilgrimage, Our Father, Worship, Festivals, Sacraments of Initiation.

How should you revise?

Each pupil has a revision booklet with all the topics inside, it's the whole of the first paper and they will sit this year's GCSE as their end of year exam.

MFL – La salud

Diet, healthy living and bad habits.



What should you revise?

Topic 1.1 Spotting a business opportunity

Topic 1.2 Showing enterprise

Topic 1.3 Putting a business idea into practice

Topic 1.4 Making the start-up effective

Topic 1.5 Understanding the economic context

How you should revise

You will find information on Business Studies. You have been provided with a revision guide and a revision workbook.

Design Technology

What you should revise

Using Cad Cam to design and manufacture a suitable pewter casting mould.

How you should revise


The internet is now part of our everyday lives. Children, young people and adults alike use it to learn, work, play and socialise via their computers, tablets, phones and games consoles.

The internet can be an interesting and fun place to spend time, it can also be a dangerous place if you are not sensible, responsible and don't know how to stay safe online.

Here are some sources of information and advice for students and parents: