In the event of adverse weather conditions, it is the policy of the school to make every effort to remain open. Unless parents hear to the contrary, they should assume that the school will be opening. Should conditions worsen, the decision to close the school, either before or during the school day, will be made by the headteacher.

The school will only be closed if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  • Insufficient staff are able to come in to keep the school running safely.
  • Conditions on site are dangerous
  • Conditions are considered to be, or are anticipated to become too hazardous for travel.

If the school is to close:

  • The closure will be recorded as soon as possible on the school’s website.
  • The media (BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8 FM and Radio City 96.7 FM) will be asked to broadcast details.
  • Parents who have opted into the Parentmail scheme will be alerted to the closure.
  • A text message will be sent to the priority 1 telephone number as held on the school’s information management system.

The school appreciates that such conditions and the resultant uncertainty causes parents considerable difficulties. As such, the school will make every effort to keep parents fully informed of the continuing situation.

Notwithstanding, when it is clear that a closure is a possibility, parents are expected to check the school website and/or make themselves aware of the radio broadcasts. Parents acting on the assumption that the school will close without gaining confirmation, or failing to inform the school of the circumstances that prevents their child coming into school risks him being registered as an un-authorised absence. Where the school is officially closed, all absence is counted as authorised absence. In the event of the school having to close during the day because of worsening weather or similar unforeseen circumstances, parents will be contacted by text on the priority 1 telephone number. Most students will make their own way home, however, should you wish your child to remain in school until he is collected, the school will accommodate this request. Such an early release will only be contemplated in very extreme circumstances.

Should the closure extend beyond one day, parents should log in to the school website and/or listen to the local media for up-to-date information as well as being alert to the text messages and emails from the school.


The internet is now part of our everyday lives. Children, young people and adults alike use it to learn, work, play and socialise via their computers, tablets, phones and games consoles.

The internet can be an interesting and fun place to spend time, it can also be a dangerous place if you are not sensible, responsible and don't know how to stay safe online.

Here are some sources of information and advice for students and parents: