University Application

If you are considering applying to university on completion of you're A Level studies, you will need to apply through the University Colleges Application System (UCAS). The application process allows you the opportunity to apply for up to five different degree programmes at different institutions or if you wish the same institution.

All degree programmes have their own entry requirements which will be dependent on the individual university and it is vital that you are aware of these requirements so you can set your own personal targets.

Having applied for up to five different programmes you will be required to choose your first choice degree and also choose an insurance offer, in the event you do not meet the entry requirements of your first choice.

Entry requirements can be through either a grade offer or points offer. A grade offer will be in the form of letters, the grades you received on completion of you're A Level studies i.e. AAB.

A points offer is more flexible and allows you to combine your results to meet the points requirement set by the university. You may achieve a higher grade in one subject and a lower grade in the two other subjects, but the combination of both will allow access to your chosen degree.

Your application process to university will begin towards the end of Year 12. To apply for a degree you will need to meet the entry requirements of the university, complete a personal statement and a have reference from your UCAS tutor.

Some degree programmes require you to attend an interview. All students are allowed time to visit universities on Open Days and Summer University opportunities.

UCAS Points Tariff

A Level Grade UCAS Points BTEC Grade
A* 140 Distinction*
A 120 Distinction
B 100
C 80 Merit
D 60
E 40 Pass
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