Trips and Visits

As a school we believe that trips and visits are very beneficial to the learning process and students in all age groups will have the opportunity to take part in exciting educational experiences at home and abroad - groups of our students have recently visited India, Spain, Holland and France.

We try, as far as possible, to ensure that financial circumstances do not preclude or disadvantage any students and some assistance may be provided.

Our trips and visits protocol

The school and our staff assume responsibility for students when we take them off site so for that reason we have put in place the following guidance for the benefit of everyone involved:

  1. Permission for the trip/visit to take place will be gained from the Headteacher and relevant Assistant Headteacher by the teaching staff
  2. The parents of all the students invited to attend the visit will then be informed by letter about the nature, cost and purpose of the trip
  3. Written parental consent must be provided in order for boys to take part in these visits
  4. Teachers will then complete a risk assessment and arrange insurance.
  5. Details of any trips overseas, those involving overnight stays or participation in potentially hazardous activities are shared with the local education authority, Liverpool City Council
  6. Receipts for any monies received from parents/guardians as payment for the trip will be provided, these funds will be held in trust by the school bursar
  7. If the trip/visit is abroad or involving an overnight stay, an emergency number will be given to the parents of students involved as well as the home number of the Headteacher
  8. The relevant teachers on the excursion will take with them a full list of contact numbers and the details of any pupils with existing medical conditions
  9. The standard student to staff ratio we operate with is 10:1 in the case of outdoor activities, overnight stays and trips abroad.  For indoor activities eg visits to the theatre or a museum this ratio will be up to 18:1
  10. A trip itinerary will be provided to parents/guardians.

Further details and help/advice over the logistics of such excursions can be obtained from the school office.

Please also see the policy section of this website for the school's official documentation on this subject.