School Meals

You can view our latest menus by clicking the below thumbnails.

Our catering team provide a range of meals to suit all tastes. Vegetarian options are always available and students can choose from a range of jacket potatoes, fresh salads and sandwiches from our deli counter as well.

Allergen Labelling

At Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School we provide food throughout the school day for our pupils/students staff and visitors.

Our premises are regularly inspected by the Local Environmental Health Officer who uses the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme to rate the hygiene standards of our school.

Our catering manager Mrs Wishart is based in the school kitchen between 8.30am and 3.00pm. Please contact school on 0151 235 1430 and make an appointment if you would like to discuss any allergen concerns.

Cashless Catering System

Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School's canteen operates with a biometric cashless catering system for staff and students.

It uses an image of a fingerprint to create a unique digital signature and then discards the fingerprint - no fingerprints are kept on record.

We are sure you will appreciate the advantages the system offers the school, parents and pupils alike:

  • Convenience of paying for school meals – no more looking for change every morning
  • To solve the administrative problems associated with the 'Free School Meal' token system
  • Automatic 'Free Meal' allocation with the pupil remaining anonymous
  • Discourages the misuse of dinner money being used in shops outside school for unhealthy fast food and snacks
  • To help reduce queuing times through increased speed of service
  • Specific food allergy ingredients can be barred automatically
  • The system allows us to give fun 'healthy eating' awards
  • Detailed reports can be provided to parents about the use of the system
  • For pupils to acquire an important 'life skill' by them being responsible for their own account.

Read a cashless catering FAQ here.

Should you have any queries regarding the cashless catering system please contact Ann Wishart, Catering Manager, on 0151 235 1457 between 9-11am or 2-3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Free School Meals

If your son is eligible for free school meals, you should apply via your local authority. If you live in Liverpool, you should complete the application form on the Liverpool City Council website. If you live in Knowsley, you should complete the application form on the Knowsley council website.

You can read more about income related free school meals here.

All applications are treated confidentially.

Registering your son for free school meals means that the school will receive Pupil Premium funding every year that your son is in school. You can find out more about how we use this funding to help disadvantaged students reach their full potential on our Pupil Premium page.


The internet is now part of our everyday lives. Children, young people and adults alike use it to learn, work, play and socialise via their computers, tablets, phones and games consoles.

The internet can be an interesting and fun place to spend time, it can also be a dangerous place if you are not sensible, responsible and don't know how to stay safe online.

Here are some sources of information and advice for students and parents: