Gifted and Talented

The Gifted and Talented programme is a national initiative that stems from the belief that alternative or extra provision should be available to students who have been identified as academically able or particularly talented in a specific area.

Cardinal Heenan's Gifted and Talented co-ordinator is Miss Marcroft. Miss Marcroft is responsible for the day-to-day running of the programme, the dissemination of information and organising activities. She works with subject leaders and looks at exam results in order to identify candidates for inclusion in the programme.

‘Gifted and Talented’ describes children and young people with an ability to develop to an advanced level. They may be 'gifted’ in Science or 'talented’ at Drama, students may have strong leadership qualities or a flair for puzzle-solving, be deeply creative or have an aptitude for a little-known interest which may one day develop into a successful career. Although some students will be more academically able than others, and schools should stretch these individuals to push themselves, each boy and girl will have something at which they can achieve. It is every school’s responsibility to meet the educational needs of all of their pupils, facilitate learning new skills and unlock latent talents.

Cardinal Heenan will provide the gifted and talented students with their full entitlement to the National Curriculum and additionally, provide access to curriculum enhancement in both National Curriculum areas and where appropriate, outside. Subject teachers will be made aware of those students on the Gifted and Talented register and will monitor progress. Subject Leaders will advise colleagues within their department on strategies to challenge gifted students. Each department will have its own policy statement. The school will seek to discover and utilise a range of strategies to improve the teaching and learning of the gifted and talented. Subject leaders are responsible for developing schemes of work that indicate extension asks designed to meet the needs of students demonstrating such expertise.

Finally, the gifted and talented students will be monitored and membership of the cohort will be flexible. At all times the well-being of the individual student belonging to the cohort must be paramount. The key concept to the gifted and talented programme must be opportunity, challenge and enrichment. The gifted and talented programme must impact on the whole curriculum in order to be effective. Curriculum delivery must be flexible. Opportunities for enrichment may be offered beyond the normal school day.

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