Monday 18th December 2017

Friends, Liverpudlians, Countrymen, Lend us Your Ears…

Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School is proud to be taking part in this year's Shakespeare Schools Festival (SSF), the UK's largest youth drama initiative.

Since 2000 event organisers have sought to introduce young people to the playwright's best works by inviting schools to perform half-hour adaptations of his most famous plays.

A group of our Year 9 and 10 boys performed Shakespeare's Tragedy of Julius Caesar at The Epstein Theatre on Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 October. The 25-strong cast was assembled following auditions in the summer term with A Level drama students from Broughton Hall fulfilling the female roles.

Our young thespians have relentlessly rehearsed and they had the opportunity to take an acting masterclass with practitioners from the National Theatre at the start of October. Following that session we were invited to take our production on tour so the troupe will also be performing at The Contact Theatre in Manchester on Wednesday 6 November and The Charter Theatre in Preston on Thursday 7 November as well (tickets now on sale)!

Drama teacher Mrs Waldron said: "This is the second year we've taken part in the SSF and I chose Julius Caesar for the boys to perform because it's my favourite play and knew they would enjoy getting their teeth into it. The group have been rehearsing hard since term began and are looking forward to treading the boards in Manchester and Preston with nervous anticipation."

Brutus aka Paul Crilly said: "I like doing this; it's a great learning experience because we get to perform in real theatres not just in the school hall."

Mark Anthony aka Michael Hall said: "We've had the chance to meet so many new people doing this, including students other schools and professional actors, which has given us a lot more confidence when we're performing.

Cassisus aka Tom Coleman said: "I've enjoyed meeting lads from other forms, classes and year groups and making new friends, I think that's my favourite thing about this whole experience so far."

Julius Caesar aka Daniel Kinsley said: "I am looking forward to performing and seeing my family in the audience but do feel a bit of pressure as I'm in the lead role. I really didn't expect to get this part when I auditioned."

Mrs Waldron went on to say: "I have never had as much job satisfaction in my working life as I am getting now working at this school and with this group of actors, they are all so talented and I am incredibly proud of them."

'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' is thought to have been written over 400 years ago, it portrays the 44 BC conspiracy against the Roman dictator Caesar, his assassination and the defeat of the conspirators at the Battle of Philippi. It is one of several plays written by Shakespeare based on events from Roman history, read more about it here via the Royal Shakespeare Company website.

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