Monday 18th December 2017

Business Students have a Thirst for Enterprise!

Enterprise Day came with an 'American Twist' for GCSE business studies students who were plunged into a competitive simulation.

Working in teams of eight, the year 9 students had to produce a fully-formed concept for a drink that would represent a country participating in next year's World Cup in Brazil.

Aided by advisors who had come in from the world of work to provide their insights and assistance, the teams had to design their product, logo, flavour, advertising and produce a business model for the drink.

The winning team, below, created a drink called American Twist, coming out on top over South Africa's Leka Grape, Germany's Zeil, Brazil's 10 and Japan's Yuzu.

Business studies teacher Mrs Bidwell was delighted with the quality of the work produced.

She said: "The aim of the day was to develop a creative, competitive and fun atmosphere whilst still getting the boys to use their business knowledge and skills they have developed over the past year of their GCSE course and they did that to an exceptional standard.

"The boys got fully involved in the whole day and developed skills that are rarely used in the classroom, including leadership, public speaking and teamwork to a common goal.

"Seeing the boys, even the quiet ones, come out of their shells and have an air of competitiveness about them meant that I saw them in a whole new light. A light that made then shine brighter than I have even seen them shine in lessons and I am truly so proud to call them my business studies students."

The advisors played a key role in advised the students on decisions they were making as well as engaging with them in conversations about business, educational life, and their goals and aspirations.

Tom Darlow, director of Bright Headway, said: "I think I speak for all of the panelists when I say we were left amazed and open-mouthed by the quality of their product concepts, marketing ideas, financial planning, cultural awareness and above all, their confident and engaging product pitches."

Primary school business manager and Cardinal Heenan governor, Kirstie Carroll added: "It was a great event for the boys to experience and they worked very hard on their presentations. Public speaking is hard at the best of times but especially so in front of classmates, so they did exceptionally well with this.

"It was also a good opportunity for the boys to build upon what they have learned during the year and show what a wide range of skills they have developed."

We really appreciate the involvement of Tom, Kirstie and our other advisors - Phil Smith from Hoylake's Urbane Contemporary Gift Shop, Eddie Hussin from M&H Academy and Edge Hill University business student Nicole Usher -and would like to them all for their time and their enthusiasm.


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