Monday 24th April 2017

BBC Studios Tour

A Level Media Studies Students enjoyed a hands on ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the BBC Studios in Salford.

The TV, Film and Media industry is a challenging and exciting place to start a career, and the development of Media City in Salford means that there couldn’t be a better time to study for qualifications in Media.

With the BBC relocating much of their operations to their Salford base, it means that there are plenty of opportunities within these industries, including a dedicated apprenticeship and internship programme at the BBC itself.

Our A Level Media Studies students visited the BBC to get a taste of what it’s like to work ‘behind the scenes’ as well as in front of the camera on programmes such as BBC Breakfast, a Question of Sport, Horrible Histories, and in the BBC Radio 6 studios.

The students had the opportunity to present the weather, play a game show, work with green screen techniques, use autocue (teleprompter), understand how an actual studio space is utilized and arranged by set designers, lighting & sound engineers as well as various other hi-tech production techniques.

As part of their studies in Media Studies, students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which are essential to the Creative Media industry. They are popular subjects for students who enjoy combining theory with creativity and are hoping to pursue careers in film, television, radio or other media businesses.

Here at Cardinal Heenan Sixth Form we encourage ‘real-life’ experiences in all subjects and the Media Studies’ trip to the BBC studios gave our students a new perspective on what goes on behind the scenes, giving them fresh inspiration for their future careers.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Mrs McDonald-Holmes or Mr Dougan.

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