Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Heenan at Twickenham

Before the England rugby match on Sunday one of our Y8 rugby team, Isaac Johnson, represented our school on the pitch to display the new kit that he helped to design. Throughout the day he had an opportunity to meet current England players as well as attend a talk given by Billy Vunipola before going onto the pitch with other students from across the country to promote grassroots rugby.

Isaac was selected for this opportunity as a direct result of outstanding efforts in rugby and the wider school community. While at Twickenham Isaac was a perfect role model for our school and did himself and his parents proud.

It was an amazing experience for him and one that hopefully will live with him for a very long time. Thanks need to go to Mr Sellwood for ensuring that this opportunity was grasped and funding acquired to allow Isaac and other Y8 students to design the kit that he wore.

Bible Quote

“Praise the Lord because he is good.  His faithful love will last forever.”
Psalm 136:1

Word of the Week

Machiavellian (adjective)

Subject which uses this term: English Literature; Drama; History; Politics

Meaning: cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous.

For example: ‘Mrs Lyons is Machiavellian. She manipulates Mrs Johnstone into giving up her baby. She uses Mrs Johnstone’s superstitious nature to ensure she gets what she wants.’

MRS. LYONS: You do know what they say about twins, secretly parted, don’t you?


MRS. LYONS: They say…they say that if either twin learns that he once was a pair, that they shall both immediately die. It means, Mrs. Johnstone, that these brothers shall grow up, unaware of the other’s existence. They shall be raised apart and never, ever told what was once the truth. You won’t tell anyone about this, Mrs. Johnstone, because if you do, you will kill them."

Thought for the Week


"Don't be afraid! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people."

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