Tuesday 27th June 2017

GCSE Results Day Success!

We are delighted to share the huge success of our Year 11 pupils at GCSE in 2016.
Our pupils and staff are celebrating yet another year of significant improvement in many subjects, especially in Mathematics. English results remain outstanding.

More importantly again, our 2016 results now place Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School amongst the very top performing secondary schools in the city.

Special mention needs to be made of the following boys who secured a particularly high number of top grades:

Addley, Sam 5A* 2A 3B
Brew (Forshaw), Ellis 3A* 5A 2B
Brumskill, Patrick 3A* 7A  
Burke, Liam 2A* 7A 1B
Caddick, Joseph 5A* 5A  
Carroll, Andrew 5A* 5A  
Dunbavin, Ian 2A* 6A 2B
Gossage, Nathan 7A 3B  
Hale, Thomas 9A 1B  
Harold, Richard 3A* 3A 4B
Saunders, Jacob 3A* 6A 1B
Shinks, Francis 5A* 5A  
Stewart, Ryan 3A* 6A  

Head teacher, Karen Smyth, says, “We have been on a journey, and are thrilled to see that so many of the strategies we have put in place to help our pupils to achieve their maximum potential have been so very, very successful.

“We have done this as a team – pupils and staff alike. We have worked really hard and I am very proud of our boys and what they have achieved.

“All those after-school revision classes and the time our dedicated staff gave to teaching our exam classes at weekends and in school holidays have really paid off. We also had many training sessions in after-school hours that were completely devoted to improving teaching and learning in this school.

“I am very happy to say that we are now a school who can look forward to a very bright future academically.

“As a consequence of our success, we are really looking forward to making sure our current Year 11s follow in the footsteps of this year’s boys. We have many fabulous and talented Year 11 pupils, who I know will work very hard and get brilliant results, too.”

Many Cardinal Heenan Year 11s are now looking forward to starting their A level courses in the Cardinal Heenan Sixth Form Centre, where they will be following such A level courses as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, Drama. We wish them every success.

Andrew Carroll

Ellis Forshaw and Luke Games

Patrick Brumskill

Richard Harold

Bible Quote

“Praise the Lord because he is good.  His faithful love will last forever.”
Psalm 136:1

Word of the Week

Pandemic (noun)

Subject which uses this term: Science, Geography

Meaning: An epidemic that sweeps across continents or the whole world.

For example: "Scientists are working hard to ensure the world does not see another viral pandemic."

Thought for the Week


"Don't be afraid! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people."

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