Friday 24th March 2017

Ex-Student Returns to Offer Advice on University

Former Cardinal Heenan student Ben Kwapong returned to the school recently to offer some advice to our current Sixth Form students.

Ben is currently in his second year at Liverpool University reading Psychology. He was invited back to school to discuss his experiences of  studying A2, applying to a Russell Group university and his experience of studying at Liverpool  University.

The current Year 13 students, Elliot Powell, Kieran Gaul and Michael Nolan are all interested in reading Psychology at university and used their time with Ben to discuss the options available to them.

Bible Quote

“Everything that breathes, praise the Lord!”
Psalm 150:6

Word of the Week

Bourgeoisie (noun) - (20th - 24th March 2017)

Subject which uses this term: History / Sociology

Meaning: The middle class or capitalists who own most of society’s wealth and means of production.

For example: "The bourgeoisie supported the policy."

Thought for the Week

Week 15 - Joy

"Don't be afraid! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people."

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