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            The Sixth Form Centre at Cardinal Heenan was built on the Broughton Hall High
            School Campus in 2012. It has easy access from the main Cardinal Heenan site. The
            centre is a beautifully lit, purpose-built structure for sixth form students. The centre
            provides classrooms, study areas, and catering facilities for the use of sixth form
            students only.
            The study area is a huge asset to the Sixth Form. It is an extensive, light and open area
            where students can work quietly either individually or in small groups. It is supervised
            constantly by the Sixth Form Study Centre Manager, Gary Aster, who plays an active
            role in helping the students in their work and ensuring that the atmosphere in the Study
            Centre is always conducive to study, Gary also runs advanced study skills sessions with
            small groups of Year 12 students. Students have ready access to school computers and
            laptops. There are also extra subject specific resources located within the study area.
            Notice boards display posters advertising universities and their open days as well as
            general important information for students.

            For those students that are considering applying to University there are bookshelves
            full of University prospectuses, and a designated UCAS board which provides a lot of
            useful information about the application process.

            The Sixth Form cafeteria is another very extensive space on the ground floor of the
            Sixth Form Centre. Despite its label as a cafeteria, it is, in fact, a multi-functional area
            within Sixth Form and is very much the hub of Cardinal Heenan Sixth Form life. It
            provides ample accommodation for those who wish to study while working in
            larger groups. It is also home to our catering area - hot and cold food and
            drinks are served from 8am until late afternoon by our designated sixth
            form catering assistants. There are notice boards in the cafeteria which
            provide students with information on the Student Council,
            and upcoming events.

              The Sixth Form Centre is a
            “ purposeful learning environment    “
              Ofsted January 2016

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