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            What entry qualifications do I need?              We also communicate with potential sixth form students   However, if this does occur, there are school staff and
                                                              through this prospectus, through our November Open   external specialist agencies on hand in school on results
                                                              Night, through our website and our Sixth Form course   day (and afterwards) to help and advise. It may be still

            A-Levels and BTEC courses                         outlines to ensure students make good decisions first time   possible to follow your chosen sixth form course. However,
                                                              round. Very early in Year 12, the Head of Sixth Form, Mr   it is highly advisable that you explore contingency
            The minimum requirement onto A level and BTEC     Phipps, holds a meeting with parents and our new Year   arrangements so that options remain open to you whatever
            courses will be 5 Level 4s in 2018 (to include English/  12 students to share information about individual course   your results.
            English Literature and Mathematics). However, many A   expectations and sixth form life. This is in the hope that
            level subjects have more specific requirements at GCSE.   any early problems can be resolved as, clearly, the later   If I have applied to another school, does this
            Detailed subject requirements can be found on the   a student realises that s/he is on the wrong course, the   mean that I can’t apply to Cardinal Heenan
            separate Sixth Form course outlines available in school or   more difficult it is effectively to place her/him elsewhere. If   Sixth Form?
            in the Sixth Form section of the school website.
                                                              a student realises that they may have had second thoughts   No. Please apply for the courses you are interested in. You
            What if I change my mind about the course         or changed their mind about a course, it is important to   should keep your options open for as long as possible.
            I want to study?                                  let either Mr Phipps, their form tutor or Paul Pomford know
                                                              about it.                                        If I apply to Cardinal Heenan Sixth Form and I
            We believe in getting the right students on the right courses.                                     am offered a place, do I have to take it?
            Therefore, we provide extensive information, advice and   What if I do not get the GCSE results I expected
            guidance for all our students. This process starts in Year   or required?                          No. Making an application to our Sixth Form does not
            11 for Cardinal Heenan High School pupils, when each   The school has very effective tracking and monitoring   obligate you in any way. However, we would like to think
            pupil has at least two meetings with our Information,   processes in place for the progress of Year 11 pupils so it   that our course, facilities, staff and ethos would encourage
            Guidance and Advice mentor, Paul Pomford, to         is hoped that relatively few students would be surprised   you to choose Cardinal Heenan Sixth Form.
            discuss the pupil’s post 16 curriculum.                by their GCSE results.

            Cardinal Heenan pupils are also consulted
            at several points during Year 11 about
            their preferred options at post 16
            before the Sixth Form option
            blocks are put together.

                                                                                                               A Level Results Day: August 2017
                                                                                                               Over 98% of our students were successful at A level.
                                                                                                               Here are Paul Awini (studying Medicine at Liverpool
                                                                                                               University), Jack Devin (studying Medicine at Clare College,
                                                                                                               Cambridge) and Jake Rose (studying Natural Sciences at
                            Key Stages 4 and 5
                                                                                                               Cambridge University) with headteacher, Ms Smyth.
                             of our students’ achievements at

                               Upper School Prize Night - the celebration
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