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Transition  Summer School  Summer School

 We want all students to feel excited and confident
 about coming to Cardinal Heenan Catholic High
 School and to feel welcome when they arrive.

 Our transition programme includes:

    Meeting your Form Tutor before arriving in September

    Taster Days for Years 5 and 6

    Dedicated programme in Year 6 for students who may
 find Transition difficult
                                                                                                          My son really enjoyed his transition days
    Open Evenings for Year 5 & 6 students                                                           “    in the school.  I am very confident that he
    A dedicated Parents’ Evening for Year 6 students and                                                   will be happy here and I am so pleased
                                                                                                                 that we chose Cardinal Heenan…    ”
    Early identification of Gifted & Talented pupils and
 pupils with Special Needs

   Primary school links through ‘The West Derby
 Celebration of Music’, sporting and other activities

    Summer school  at Cardinal Heenan in the holidays
 before Year 7
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