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A Place to Enjoy     Rock Band  We want students to enjoy lessons    Sports College Status
 by being involved in:
 We encourage students to get involved in:  Cardinal Heenan is a Specialist Sports College, which
    Guitar Club
    Group work, paired work and individual work  means we are a recognised centre of excellence for the
    A range of sports teams (football, rugby, cricket)     DJ-ing  provision of first-class sporting facilities and opportunities for
    Challenging activities aimed at developing   our pupils.
    Sporting activities (boxing, badminton, table      Battle of the Bands  independent thinkers  Our school teams regularly appear in a range of sports
 tennis, mini tennis, running/fitness)  tournaments and competitions at district, county, regional
    Drama Club     Active Sports lessons  and national level, often with great success!
    Duke of Edinburgh
    Theatre projects     Active Drama lessons  Our physical education staff offer expert support to the very
    Healthy for Life  highest level, training students in clubs before school, at
    Drama productions     Practical Technology and Science lessons  lunchtimes and after school.
    Lifestyles Gym
    Musical productions     Creative Art, Music and Media lessons  We place an emphasis in promoting sport in our community.
    Ski trips        Opportunities present themselves to our own pupils to
                     gain a range of experiences, skills and qualifications as
    Private music tuition     Stimulating debate in PSHE
    Football trips   sports leaders as they lead teams of children from the local
                     community in sporting activities.
    School Council     Widening their experiences through History, RE,
 Geography and Languages
    Theatre visits
    Charity Events
    School Band     Challenging English and Mathematics lessons
    Trips in U.K. and abroad
    School Choir
    Literacy Mentors Scheme
    Steel  Band

 “ Teachers build strong relationships  ”

 with pupils to aid learning
 Ofsted 2016
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