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                                                                                                   The pupils will study the following modules in Year 7:

                                                                                                   Term 1
                                                                                                       Numbers and the number system


                                                                                                       Calculating: division

                                                                                                       Visualising and constructing

                                                                                                       Investigating properties of shapes

                                                                                                       Algebraic proficiency

                                                                                                       Exploring fractions, decimals and percentages

                                                                                                   Term 2

                                                                                                       Proportional reasoning

                                                                                                       Pattern sniffing

                                                                                                       Measuring space

                                                                                                       Investigating angles

                                                                                                       Calculating fractions, decimals and percentages

                                                                                                   Term 3
                                                                                                       Solving equations and inequalities

                                                                                                       Calculating space

                                                                                                       Checking, approximating and estimating

                                                                                                       Mathematical movement

                                                                                                       Measuring of data

                                                                                                       Presentation of data

                                                                                                   Assessment of skills is via three tests (under examination conditions) over
                                                                                                   the course of the year.
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