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               The pupils will study the following modules in Year 7:

               Term 1
                   19th century non-fiction

                   19th century fiction using “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens

                   Poetry from around the world

               Term 2
                   “Romeo and Juliet” – analysis of set scenes

                   20th and 21st century non-fiction

               Term 3

                   Science-fiction short stories - selecting and retrieving information;

                  analysis of the author’s use of language, and character
                   The modern novel from a choice of “The Hunger Games” (Suzanne

                  Collins), “Holes” (Louis Sachar) and “Northern Lights” (Philip

               Throughout Year 7, pupils will be furthering their skills in selecting
               and retrieving information; analysing a writer’s use of language and
               structure, and considering how writers present characters.
               Assessment of skills is via three tests (under examination conditions) over
               the course of the year.
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