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What will be my son’s daily timetable?                                    What subjects will my son study?

               THE SCHOOL DAY                                                            In Year 7 your son will follow a ‘traditional’ style curriculum, which will include:
               Free breakfast available in the school canteen 8.00am - 8.30am
                                                                                             English              Mathematics           Science
               On School Site  8.35am                                                        RE                   PE                    Information Technology
               Registration    8.45am  –  9.00am
               Period 1       9.00am  –  10.00am                                             History              Geography             Music
               Period 2       10.00am  –  11.00am
                                                                                             Art                  Drama                 Spanish

               BREAK          11.00am  –  11.15am                                            Food Technology      Music                 Design Technology

               Period 3       11.15am  –  12.15pm
               Period 4       12.15pm  –  12.45pm                                        What is the school’s policy on homework?

               LUNCH          12.45pm  –  1.15pm (Y7 students only)                      The demands made at secondary school mean that your son will only be able to
                                                                                         achieve his best if he is prepared to work regularly and conscientiously at home as
               Period 4       1.15pm  –  1.45pm                                          well as in school. In his first year with us, your son should be doing 45-60 minutes’
               Period 5       1.45pm  –  2.45pm                                          homework per night.

               Assemblies/Registration                                                   We would like to stress that the homework set will be quite varied.
                                                                                         Below are some of the different types of tasks that your son might be given.
               Year 7 will attend Assembly once a week. On all other days, collective worship takes
               place in Registration, along with Daily Notices. Assemblies and Registration are
               a vital part of pupils’ school experience, covering social, emotional and spiritual                Learning   Trying out a
               topics as well as giving important information about the day’s activities and events.            vocabulary or   safe
                                                                                                                  spelling   experiment
               Lunchtime Arrangements                                                                  Preparing a                     Reading

               Your son may either have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch. He must eat this       presentation                    Recording
               in the school canteen. He is not allowed to leave the premises during any part of
               the school day.
                                                                                                   Developing                             Answering
                                                                                                    Classwork                             Questions

                                                                                                         Using                        Watching a
                                                                                                        a library                     programme

                                                                                                                Discussing with   Collecting
                                                                                                                 family and   materials /
                                                                                                                  friends      data
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