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Our Cardinal Values

                We are committed to                                                  Challenge                         Tolerance
                                                                                     We are not
                creating an excellent learning                                     afraid to accept                  We respect the
                                                                                      new ideas
                environment in which all                                            and overcome                    views and beliefs
                                                                                                                        of others
                students can reach their                                              problems

                                                            Respect                                                                              Respect for
                                                         We know that                                                                               Truth
                                                          everybody is                                                                         We value honesty
                                                            equally                                                                            and always try to
                                                           important                                                                              do what is

                                                            for the                                                                                Effort
                                                         Environment                                                                            We always try
                                                         We respect our                                                                         to do the best
                                                        environment and                                                                            we can
                                                          keep it clean

                                                                                  Achievement                          Justice and
                                                                                   We take pride                         Fairness
                                                                                    in our own                           We treat
                                                                                 achievements and                    everyone equally
                                                                                   help others to
                                                                                     achieve                             and fairly
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