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                                      CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL

                                      A SPORTS COLLEGE


              Home-School Agreement                              SAFER SCHOOL, SAFER CULTURE                  ”
              Mission Statement                              “                                                                             Through
              We are a school community and we work together to help all the   We set high standards in what we do. We know we only succeed if
              young people in our care. We are committed to the practice of our   we work together as a team.                             Partnership
              faith and the education of every student.             We have to work closely together as a partnership in order for all our   Parents    School
              We believe that each student has talents, abilities and potential. We   students to achieve at the highest possible level and leave school as
              encourage our students to think highly of themselves and to respect   well rounded young adults.

                The School will:                                  The Student will:                                The Parent/Guardian will:

                Respect:  Treat all students with fairness and consistency;   Respect:  Value and respect himself and all others in the   Respect:  Support the school rules which have been set
                       offer support, guidance and care.                 school community; behave sensibly and safely     for the benefit of all students.
                Respect:  Provide all students with a safe learning      in accordance with the school rules.      Respect:  Value the student’s potential as a learner and
                       environment through consistent application of                                                      offer a supportive home environment to his
                       school rules.                              Respect:   Value the school, its premises, building,    learning and development.
                                                                         furniture and equipment.
                                                                                                                   Respect:  In any verbal or written communication with
                                                                                                                          the school, mutual respect and civility will be
                Believe:   Take pride in and celebrate all students’ efforts   Believe:   Take pride in all areas of his work.  expected.
                       and achievements.                                                                           Believe:   Encourage and take pride in the student’s
                Believe:  Encourage all students to aim high.     Believe:   Be ambitious; work hard and do the best he   efforts and achievements.
                                                                                                                   Believe:   Encourage the student to be ambitious and to
                                                                                                                          work as hard as he can.
                Achieve:  Ensure that lessons are appropriate, engaging
                       and challenging.                           Achieve:  Attend school in full uniform with a suitable    Achieve:  Guarantee that the student attends school every
                Achieve:  Set and mark appropriate work.                 bag, planner and correct equipment (pen,         day and is punctual.
                Achieve:  Communicate with parents and keep them         pencil, ruler and calculator).            Achieve:  Guarantee that the student attends school in
                                                                                                                          full school uniform, with a planner, bag and the
                       informed of their son’s progress.          Achieve:  Attend school every day and be punctual for    correct equipment.
                                                                         all lessons and registration              Achieve:  Contact the school and work closely with the
                                                                                                                          school in the interest of the student and other
                                                                                                                          members of the school.
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