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            Sometimes students need some financial support to
            enable them to maximise their opportunities at sixth form.                                 Year 12 History lesson
            Bursaries are available from the school to support students
            experiencing financial hardship. Applications for funding
            are made directly to the school.
            Types of Bursary
            There are three kinds of bursaries available:     Eligibility
                                                              Vulnerable Students Bursaries
            Vulnerable Students Bursaries
            Students in care, care leavers, young people in receipt   Students need to provide Nicola Fallon (Sixth Form Office
                                                              Manager) with evidence that they fall into one of the
            of income support and disabled students in receipt of   eligible categories.
            Employment Support Allowance will be eligible to receive
            a bursary of £1,200 a year. The bursary may be paid all   Discretionary Bursaries
            at once or in three parts: £600 in September, £300 in   The school takes the responsibility for checking students’
            January and £300 in March/April.                  eligibility for this. However, it would be helpful if students
                                                              who know they are entitled to free school meals informed
            Discretionary Bursaries                           Nicola Fallon in advance.
            All students registered for free school meals will receive
            free school meals in sixth form as well as a termly bus pass   Emergency Bursaries
            (where appropriate).                              The Head of Sixth Form, Mr Phipps, will usually ask for a
                                                              parental meeting to establish the extent of the need.
            Emergency Bursaries
            A small amount of money will be available to help students
            who encounter serious financial problems in the course
            of their studies. This will be especially relevant if financial   .
            concerns may prevent a student from completing the
            course. Students can apply at any point during the course.

            “  All learners have access to good,

               impartial careers advice
               Ofsted January 2016    “                          Year 13 Chemistry lesson

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