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        Creative Media

        ProduCtion                                                                            Cardinal Heenan
                                                                                              CatHoliC HigH SCHool
                                                                                              A SportS College

         What will I study and learn?                              How is the course assessed?
         On  this  course  you  will  study  film,  television  and  media  production   The Subsidiary Diploma is assessed by a portfolio of work.
         across a range of genres, as well as producing your own short dramas,
         promos,  music  videos,  animations,  documentaries  and  multi-camera   A Level
         recordings.                                               The full diploma is assessed by a portfolio of work.
         The course is taught through a range of approaches designed to provide
         students with the opportunity to develop technical skills for practical
         applications and provide vocational real world experience.                                                              Key Information
         You will gain knowledge of and skills in screen writing, pre-production,                                                Level: Subsidiary Diploma and Full Diploma
         pitching and presenting, directing, interviewing, camera work, lighting,
         sound recording, animating, and audio and visual editing. Each of your                                                  Examination Board:
         specialist media production projects will also develop your abilities to                                                Subject Leader: Mr P Dougan
         research,  budget,  communicate  work  in  teams,  project-manage,  and                                                 Course Leader: Mrs P McDonald-Holmes
         think as an entrepreneur.
         Delivery methods  will include  practical workshop  sessions in  our TV                                                 Entry Requirements:
         studio, media editing suites and on location in the Merseyside area,                                                    5 GCSE grades A*-C (to include English and
         classroom-based theory sessions supported by IT and computer-based                                                      mathematics)
         research,  real-world  media  industry  situations  (live  broadcasts,  video
         editing sessions, production company meetings etc) and educational
         visits to industry trade fairs and other media industry-related events.                                                 Subsidiary Diploma: Portfolio 100%
                                                                                                                                 Full Diploma: Portfolio 100%

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