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CYQ LeveL 2 DipLoma

         in HeaLtH and CYQ
         LeveL 3 DipLoma in
         personaL training                                                                    Cardinal Heenan

         anD instruCtion                                                                      CatHoliC HigH SCHool
                                                                                              A SportS College

         Why choose CYQ Level 2 Diploma in Health and CYQ          How is the course assessed?
         Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Instruction?
         Our Gym Instructor course is a fantastic first step into the fitness industry   CYQ  Level 2 Diploma in Health
         and the foundation for further progression to becoming a personal   • Multiple choice theory papers
         trainer. It is aimed at students who prefer a hands- on, practical style of   • Practical observations
         learning and those who wish to go on and work in the fitness industry.  • Written exercise plans
         A career in the fitness industry continues to be the best option for   • Case studies
         those seeking a positive work-life balance around a job that offers both   CYQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal              Key Information
         freedom and satisfaction. The industry itself, meanwhile, is booming
         with an ever increasing number of health and fitness facilities opening   Training and Instruction                      Level: CYQ Level 2 Diploma in Health and
         up around the country. The total value of the fitness industry to the UK   (May only start Level 3 after successful completion of Level 2)  CYQ level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and
         economy is £3.92 billion, an increase of 1.5% from last year.  • Multiple choice theory papers                          Instruction
                                                                   • Practical observations                                      Subject Leader: Mr N O’Hare
         A career as a personal trainer can be both financially and emotionally                                                  Course Leader: Mr A Allen
         rewarding.  Once  qualified,  many  graduates  go  on  to  run  their  own   • Written exercise plans
         business, developing a career that they can build around their life and   • Case studies
         personal commitments.                                                                                                   Entry Requirements:
                                                                   Student comment:                                              A keen interest in using gym equipment to
         What will I study and learn?                              “All of my friends are on this course and we all want to go into   keep fit.
         You will learn how to teach and demonstrate good personal technique   careers in the fitness industry. I’d like to be a personal trainer.”  A desire to help others improve their health
                                                                                                                                 and fitness.
         on a range of cardiovascular equipment, fixed resistance machines, free
         weights and body weight exercises. The underpinning theory behind                                                       For entry onto level 3 Diploma in Personal
         these exercises will also be covered, focusing on identifying the major                                                 Training and Instruction, students will need to
                                                                                                                                 have passed Level 2 Gym Instructor Course
         bones, muscles, the cardiovascular system and principles of fitness.                                                    OR a BTEC Diploma in Sport (a bridging
         Our experienced tutors will also give you their expert knowledge of                                                     course and a personal interview will
         adopting great customer care which is both vital for a fitness instructor                                               additionally be required for the latter route).
         and for retaining clients as a personal trainer. Learners will experience
         for themselves what it is like to work in a fitness facility.

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