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Business Studies GCSE

       Unit 1: Investigating Small Business
       •  This unit contains five topic areas: Enterprise and entrepreneurship,
         Spotting a business opportunity, Putting a business idea into practice,
         Making the business effective, Understanding the external influences on
         a business
       •  Students will take part in research activities to design a chocolate bar
         and a mobile phone in addition to creating a draft marketing campaign
         for a product which will be sold during The World Cup 2018.

       Unit 2: Building a Business
       •  This unit contains five topic areas: Growing the business, Making
         marketing decisions, Making operational decisions, Making financial
         decisions, Making human resource decisions

       How are the papers assessed?
       •  Each is a written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes
       •  Papers consist of calculations, multiple-choice, short-answer and
         extended-writing questions
       •  Some sections are based on business contexts given in the paper
       •  90 marks each
       •  Each contributes 50 % of the final GCSE grade

                                                         Useful for...

                                                         Many fields including
                                                         marketing, finance,
                                                         project management,
                                                         banking and human

                                  Examination 100%
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