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Art & Design GCSE

      Course Overview
      •  This is a broad course exploring practically and critically a range of 2D
        and 3D work, processes and new technologies.
      •  Candidates will look at the work of other artists, making connections
        with their own work as they develop new skills in a range of media.
      •  Pupils will explore painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics,
        printmaking, graphics and computer graphics to produce artwork
        personal to them.
      •  At the end of the course students will collaboratively produce an art
        exhibition. This exhibition is a fitting opportunity for parents and the
        wider community to celebrate the creativity this course develops.

      •  The exam will carry 40% of the total marks. You will be given a number
        of starting points and will research, explore and plan possible responses.
        At the end of this preparation time there will be a supervised ten hour
        period within which you will produce your final practical piece.
      •  Pupils are encouraged to work to their personal strengths and interests,
        producing work in media and in techniques they feel most confident

      Coursework Details
      •  Coursework accounts for 60% of the total marks.  Pupils will follow a
        diverse course and are required to produce
        and review a portfolio of work.                 Useful for...
      •  Pupils will have to show a developed
        knowledge and understanding of                  Graphic design,
        contemporary and historical artists, whilst     animation, car design,
        gaining a range of skills in a variety of       photography, illustration,
                                                        3D design.
        approaches and methods.

              Examination 40% | Controlled Assessment 60%
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