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Mathematics GCSE

       Course Overview
       •  The study of GCSE mathematics teaches patience, discipline and
         step-by-step problem solving skills.
       •  For those with a substantial background in mathematics, an unlimited
         number of career opportunities are available.  Almost all of the top
         fifty jobs in the “best” jobs list require mathematical knowledge and
       •  GCSE mathematics will therefore provide pupils with a solid foundation
         in the subject, ensuring that they are well prepared for the challenges of
         everyday life, and for further study.

       Course Content
       •  Pupils will follow the Edexcel linear route and sit two calculator and one
         non-calculator exams at the end of a three year course.  The exam will
         cover a range of skills across the strands of algebra, number, statistics,
         geometry, measurement, ratio, proportion and rates of change.
         Problem- solving skills will be tested in all three exams.

       Special Requirements
       •  All students will need a pen, pencil, ruler and a scientific calculator.

       Exam Details
       •  There are three exams, each lasting for 1 hour 30 minutes.
       •  There are two tiers available;
            •  Foundation tier (grades 1-5)              Useful for...
            •  Higher tier (grades 4-9)
                                                         All careers will require
                                                         GCSE mathematics to a
                                                         competent level.

                                  Examination 100%
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