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       Making Decisions
       •  Carefully read the information in this prospectus.  The decisions that you
         make will directly affect your future.
       •  You may be uncertain about pathways beyond Key Stage 4, but you will
         receive further guidance.  Our advice would be to look carefully at the
         qualification information before making any decisions.

       Subject Availability
       •  This prospectus is for students currently in year 8.  If a subject does not
         attract the required level of interest from students it may, unfortunately,
         have to be withdrawn.
       •  English language, English literature, mathematics, RE and science are
         compulsory subjects for all students, and so appear at the beginning of
         this booklet.  All other subjects are listed in alphabetical order.

       Changes to Grades Awarded
       •  Please be aware that there have been significant changes to the grading
         system for GCSE’s for the year that your son will take his exams.
       •  The old system of reporting a lettered grade of A* to G will be replaced
         with a number system from 9 to 1.  However, as there are 9 numbers
         replacing 8 letters, it means that a 9 is NOT equivalent to a current A*
         (in fact, it will be more difficult to achieve a grade 9 than an A*).  The
         diagram below shows how the new system works:
   1   2   3   4   5   6   7