Curriculum Overview

Our aim is to help each and every one of our learners to achieve personal growth and academic success through the provision of a wide and varied curriculum.

At Key Stage Three we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which offers our boys the opportunity to try different things and discover their strengths and interests before they make their GCSE choices.

Key Stage 4 students follow a broad and balanced curriculum which enables them to progress to further studies or the world of work.

At Key Stage 5 traditional A Level qualifications are on offer along with a strong range of vocational diplomas and certificates in sport, performing arts and business.

You will find more information about the provision we offer students who need additional learning support and our extra provision for those who have a particular strength or talent in the arts, sport or science for example.

Bible Quote

“Everything that breathes, praise the Lord!”
Psalm 150:6

Word of the Week

Bourgeoisie (noun) - (20th - 24th March 2017)

Subject which uses this term: History / Sociology

Meaning: The middle class or capitalists who own most of society’s wealth and means of production.

For example: "The bourgeoisie supported the policy."

Thought for the Week

Week 15 - Joy

"Don't be afraid! I am here with good news for you, which will bring great joy to all the people."

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